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Big Coffee Sydney - Signup Page (Password is coffee)



Please click 'Edit Page' above, right click on the table and add a row, then add your name to the bottom of the list below, including some way of contacting you (blog link, email address, etc)


Keep up to date with news about BigCoffee as well as all regular OpenCoffee events by joining our meetup group - http://entrepreneur.meetup.com/1136/




No. Full Name URL Email*
1 Kim Heras http://entrepreneur.meetup.com/1136/ geedot on gmail
 2 Malcolm Lambert intresto.com.au  malbert at
 3 Alex North http://jobreel.com.au alex at alexn id au
 4 Rex Chung http://www.ankoder.com rex at rorcraft dot com
5 Richard Hayes  www.rhiltd.com.au rgh at rhiltd.com.au
6 Hendro Wijaya   hendro_wijaya at hotmail dot com
7 Kerrie Newell imagineartgraphics.com kerrie at
8 Chris Mountford  

chris at think dot net dot au

9 James Murty www.jamesmurty.com james at MisterM.org


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